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21 Things to Know About Gondolas in Venice

Exploring Venice: 21 Things to Know About Gondolas

Exploring Venice is a must-do for any traveler. From the canals to the cobblestone streets, there’s something special about this Italian city. One of the most iconic symbols of Venice is the gondola. Here are 21 things to know about gondolas before you visit.

1. Gondolas are a Venetian Tradition

Gondolas have been a part of Venice for centuries. They were first used in the 11th century and have been a part of the city ever since.

2. Gondolas are Handcrafted

Gondolas are handcrafted by skilled artisans. It takes about one year to build a gondola and the process is very intricate.

3. Gondolas are Made of Wood

Gondolas are made of eight different types of wood. The most common type of wood used is walnut.

4. Gondolas are Painted Black

Gondolas are traditionally painted black. This is because black is the color of mourning in Venice and it is believed that the gondolas represent the sadness of the city.

5. Gondolas Have a Unique Design

Gondolas have a unique design that is unlike any other boat. They have a flat bottom and a curved prow.

6. Gondolas Have a Special Oar

Gondolas have a special oar called a forcola. This oar is used to steer the gondola and is made of wood and iron.

7. Gondolas Have a Unique Sound

Gondolas have a unique sound that is created by the oar hitting the water. This sound is called the “splash” and is a signature sound of Venice.

8. Gondolas Have a Flag

Gondolas have a flag that is called a “felze”. This flag is used to identify the gondola and its owner.

9. Gondolas Have a Special Seat

Gondolas have a special seat called a “felze”. This seat is used by the gondolier and is made of wood and velvet.

10. Gondolas Have a Special Ornament

Gondolas have a special ornament called a “ferro”. This ornament is made of iron and is used to decorate the gondola.

11. Gondolas Have a Special Light

Gondolas have a special light called a “lanterna”. This light is used to light the way for the gondola at night.

12. Gondolas Have a Special Bell

Gondolas have a special bell called a “campanella”. This bell is used to signal the gondolier’s arrival.

13. Gondolas Have a Special Song

Gondolas have a special song called a “serenata”. This song is sung by the gondolier to entertain passengers.

14. Gondolas Have a Special Dance

Gondolas have a special dance called a “gondolata”. This dance is performed by the gondolier to entertain passengers.

15. Gondolas Have a Special Language

Gondolas have a special language called “gondolese”. This language is used by the gondoliers to communicate with each other.

16. Gondolas Have a Special Uniform

Gondolas have a special uniform called a “vestito”. This uniform is worn by the gondolier and is made of velvet and silk.

17. Gondolas Have a Special Price

Gondolas have a special price that is determined by the length of the ride. The price can range from €80 to €120.

18. Gondolas Have a Special Route

Gondolas have a special route that is determined by the gondolier. This route is usually along the Grand Canal.

19. Gondolas Have a Special Time

Gondolas have a special time that is determined by the gondolier. This time is usually between 8am and 8pm.

20. Gondolas Have a Special Place

Gondolas have a special place that is called a “traghetto”. This place is used to cross the Grand Canal.

21. Gondolas Have a Special Meaning

Gondolas have a special meaning in Venice. They represent the city’s history, culture, and beauty.

Exploring Venice by gondola is a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. Knowing these 21 things about gondolas will help you make the most of your time in Venice.



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